10 Reasons That Will Make you Want to Run More

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Running is much more than just strengthening our body. Running not only helps us to grow physically well, but also mentally and psychologically improves us. Did you ever go for a walk just because you needed to get clear? You should run. On this list I’ll show you why running is good, but perhaps the reasons are many more.

1 – Clarity

Running helps clear your mind. It distracts you from obligations and problems, if only for a while. But it works, at the end of this activity, you can resume your life with a clear mind and that will help you focus on where you need it most.

2 – Creativity

If you have a creative spirit and want to increase this side of you even more, there’s nothing like a good dose of oxygen in your body to move your gears even harder. As you run, your mind will clear up, and you’ll probably see other things you wanted to do that you’ve already forgotten, or perhaps come up with new ideas. Who knows, maybe during one of the bullfights you’ll come up with something that can change your life.

3. Spirituality

Running is like meditating, but in motion. Many people run alone and feel their travels as a time for themselves. For many people, running is like therapy: it’s a time to reflect, connect, inspire and rejuvenate.

4. Vanity

Running will help you to be more beautiful and will help your body a lot. You want to improve your buttocks? Tonify those thighs? Running is the solution.

5. Just because I can.

Can you run? Then RUN! As we get older, this activity gradually becomes more difficult. If you can run, try to make room in your schedule to dedicate some of your time to this activity. Your mind and body will thank you for it as you will get in better shape and at the same time, extend the time you can run. If you run often, when you’re a grandmother, you can run too!

6. Improves heart health.

There’s nothing more to say here. Thousands and thousands of studies have shown that just 30 minutes of exercise per day can improve your heart health. More specifically, running helps lower cholesterol, improves lung capacity and allows you to live longer.

7. Humility

There is nothing like a good, long session to keep our spirit humble. You could say that being in shape is not the destination, but the journey. Have you reached your goal? Did you get what you want? If you want to keep what you’ve had so much trouble getting, you have to keep going. We mustn’t give up, go on with the journey. Running helps you put these things in perspective. Humility will go hand in hand with the effort we make to feel better.

8. Diversity

You don’t have to do the same things twice if you don’t want to do them. Running allows you to vary a lot. Either the type of surface, location, type of exercise, etc. Running doesn’t have to be boring. There are many possibilities to explore.

9. Music

What if when you run you listen to your favorite music? There’s nothing like running to the sound of a song that inspires you and makes you feel motivated and powerful. The bad news is that time will seem shorter than usual, and sometimes we won’t want to end our journey.

10. Where I am, When I am

You just need your running shoes, your favorite outfit and you’re done. Running is an accessible sport that can be done by anyone, anywhere, whenever it suits you, and the best thing of all is that it is FREE. No special equipment, no reservations or gym memberships are required. Just warm up your sneakers and go for a run!

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