Best baby toys

It can be overwhelming when choosing the best toys for your baby. There seems to be millions of choices out there. Toys are considered to be an important part of your child’s early development skills but finding toys that are both educating and entertaining can be a challenge. Newborns don’t need too many toys because they are mostly occupied with sleeping, eating and their other main interest in observing you. But most parents notice a drastic change in their babies at the three-month mark, as they have more energy to absorb the world around them.

Babies are happy to play with just about everything but not all toys will stimulate them. It is recommended to choose toys that have a colorful contrast to promote eye development and different textures for their little hands to feel. Of course, since all babies love to put everything in their months, make sure you choose toys that are safe to chew on.

In this article, we help you pick out the best toys for your baby without breaking the bank.

Baby toys for development

Manhattan Toy Toy Winkle

This toy has been perfectly designed for little hands and the bright colors are eye-catching. It is safe for chewing and can be frozen to soothe their sore gums. It might seem like a simple toy but children love this toy maybe because of its bright colors and mesmerizing rattle. It is also lightweight so babies can actually lift it up and hold it.

baby toys

Better Blocks

All children love building blocks but these one’s have been specially designed to stimulate your baby’s brains and teach them new skills. These building blocks are lightweight but include rattles, bells and moveable beads.

Baby toys for quiet time

WubbaNub Pacifier

This is the ultimate pacifier as it comes attached to an adorable plush soft toy such as an elephant or a giraffe. The soothing pacifier can be chewed on without losing its shape. Pacifiers are famous for getting lost, but the stuffed animal makes it very easy to find. This pacifier has been designed to help babies develop their motor skills while they are having much-needed down time.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Sophie the Giraffe is popular with moms everywhere, since their babies love their Sophie. The bright spots stimulate their eyes and your baby’s tiny hands can easily twist the neck and legs, encouraging their motor skills to be developed. It is made of very soft rubber that is gentle on their gums when chewed on. Your baby will love their Sophie.

Best toys traveling in the car

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

While driving, the last thing we need to a crying baby because they want our attention or are bored but this toy will keep them distracted by it’s bright colors and lights. Your baby can easily hold it by the caterpillar handle. It plays classical music such as Mozart, Vivaldi and Chopin, henceforth stimulating your baby’s listening skills.

Simple guidelines for choosing toys for your baby

When choosing toys for your mini-me, take the time to make sure the toys are age-appropriate. The toys recommended above are recommended for 3months and up. Most toys come with a sticker alerting you to the correct age it was designed for.

Check all toys new or old to make sure they are well made and in good condition, with no broken parts or pieces that could potentially hurt your baby.

Choosing the right toy for your baby and you isn’t an easy task. But we are positive that these recommendations will give your baby hours of playtime

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