Fun toys for dogs

The main reason most dog owner’s look for fun toys for their dogs is because of exercise. Playing with your dog has many physical benefits plus interacting with you provides intellectual benefits. This helps to mentally stimulate your dogs and strengthens their bond with you. In this article, we will discuss the importance of playing with your dog and some of best dog toys on the market today.

As mentioned above, exercise is the main factor for playing with your dog. If your dog does not receive enough exercise, he will become obese, making him an increased risk for illness such as diabetes.

Importance of playing with your dog

Exercise keeps your dog mentally stimulated; dogs can easily become bored with life, even depressed. Most dogs, when not mentally stimulated, can become destructive, disobedient and hard to handle, but on the other hand, a dog that is mentally stimulated, can be relaxed.

Dogs have a need to feel like they belong to the pack, as they are pack animals by nature and playing with them helps them bond and feel accepted. Studies have shown dogs that regularly play with their owners have better health than those that don’t.

Many dog toys promote good dental health, as they have been designed to encourage chewing which henceforth stimulates saliva that helps to remove plaque. This helps you to avoid costly veterinary dental cleaning for your dog.

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Top dog toys

KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Ball

Playing ball with our dogs is the ultimate fun game but normal tennis balls quickly fall apart, but not this ball. KONG has made these balls from a durable material that can float and be found easily, even in the snow. It is not your typical tennis ball has it keeps bouncing everywhere, which will keep your dog engaged for long periods.

KONG Rubber Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

This Frisbee is made from non-toxic natural rubber as all KONG dog toys. Unlike the common plastic Frisbees that can crack or splitter hurting your dog, this Frisbee is easy on his mouth and doesn’t crack into pieces. We are positive this Frisbee will provide hours of fun playing time with your dog.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

This Benebone has real bacon flavor that your dog will go crazy for. It is easy for your dog to chew because of its curved shape. Even though this isn’t a toy that you can use to play with your dog, you will get great enjoyment watching him chew it and play with it for hours.

Tricky Treat Ball

This ball comes in three different sizes and is exactly how it sounds; you put one of his favorite rewards inside of the ball. Then watch him chase the ball around the house, trying to get one of his snacks out.

Chuckit! Launcher

This toy was designed for dog owners who don’t like to pick up the slobbery ball to throw it again. It also increases your throwing range considerably. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Chuckit can be used with any type of tennis ball.

Leaps & Bounds 3-Knot Tug Toy

All dogs love to play tug of war and play this game for hours. Leaps & Bounds Tug toy comes in assorted colors and sizes. It is the ideal toy for playing toss and fetch, also for playing tug games that help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and strong. It is made from a strong and durable material.

We are sure these toys will quickly become your dog’s favorites, providing both of you hours of fun playing time.

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