Why is it important to moderate salt intake?

healthy meal

A healthy diet requires 3 mg of salt per day. We usually spend a lot more than that. As we increase the amount of salt, we lose our sense of taste and the food seems more tasteless. If we reduce its consumption, we will begin to taste the true flavor of baked carrots or steamed broccoli.

This argument alone would be enough to convince us, as our fat soul screaming for pleasant flavors, but there are other more important reasons to reduce the salt quota in the diet.

Our body is a machine that works constantly producing chemical exchanges to stay stable and well balanced. There are substances that balance each other. Among them, there is a sodium-potassium ratio that should not be altered, because it would unbalance the body.

You may wonder why cows then lick salt cubes. The answer is simple. The herbivorous diet has so much potassium that salt or sodium chloride balances them instead of producing potassium deficiencies. If we think that we are eating up to sixty times a day the amount of sodium we need, we will see that we are not treating our body very well,

There are simple ways to control salt:

  • Taste the food before adding it.
  • Do not use salt during the cooking of food (it is advisable to salt it after cooking).
  • Season the food using different aromatic herbs, so that it has more flavor.
  • Always prefer fresh and non-canned vegetables, which contain large amounts of sodium.

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